poppies and peonies.

I haven't posted much about my flowers in a while on this blog. I put all of my pictures on my flower blog, but I thought I'd post them here for fun. It's Spring Break - what else have I got to do?

Most of my business has come by word of mouth, which is good for me! I love working with flowers. It is my creative outlet. With working full time and going to graduate school, I'm ok with having little flower projects here and there to relieve my stress and earn a little extra money. Here are some of the things I've done lately. Enjoy!

This summer I will be working with a stellar florist and she'll be teaching me the tricks of the trade. I'm super excited!

ellie's birthday.

Ellie turned 2 on Monday and we threw her a birthday party, of course. We don't have kids and she's our baby. Don't judge, love the pug. I just made that up. I thought it was clever. 

We had Parker's family over for hot dogs and puppy chow for dessert. Get it? Dog. Hot dog. Puppy chow. We love Ellie so stinking much and can't get enough of our little furry baby!

In other news, we've got this perfect little niece in our lives now. Pemberley is the sweetest little girl!

To catch up on pictures, a few weeks ago we babysat Asher over at my parents' house. He is a hot mess.



Teaching full time.
Tutoring 3 - 4 days a week.
Graduate school.
New responsibilities at church.
Personal Hygiene.

I'm lucky to have an amazingly supportive husband that's working just as hard to make our life functional right now. If it wasn't for Parker and the grace of Christ, I'd be doing this every day.


Educating Women.

Today I have graduate school orientation and I am so thrilled! I have been thinking about education a lot lately. Considering I am a teacher and my husband is in school, education is a large topic of conversation.

I have felt a lot of guilt as I have toyed around the idea of going back to school. I felt like I should have the desire to have children, rather than to go to school. Don't get me wrong - I want kids! I talked to Parker about it and he was really supportive, so I applied and got accepted! We figured it'd be the best time considering Parker is still in school and we don't have kids, yet.

I found a really great talk by Dallin H. Oaks called Women and Education. He says:

According to current life expectancies, a 20-year-old woman can look forward to more than 50 additional years of life. Not all of that time will be spent in bearing children and raising families. In fact, from one-third to one-half of a young woman’s remaining years of life will be spent in activities preceding marriage and the rearing of children, or following the time when children have left the home. A young woman’s education should prepare her for more than the responsibilities of motherhood. It should prepare her for the entire period of her life.

There are other reasons why it is important for our young women to receive a proper education. Education is more than vocational. Education should improve our minds, strengthen our bodies, heighten our cultural awareness, and increase our spirituality. It should prepare us for greater service to the human family. Such an education will improve a woman’s ability to function as an informed and effective teacher of her sons and daughters, and as a worthy and wise counselor and companion to her husband. Some have observed that the mother’s vital teaching responsibility makes it even more important to have educated mothers than to have educated fathers. “When you teach a boy, you are just teaching another individual,” President Harold B. Lee declared, “but when you teach a woman or a girl, you are teaching a whole  family."
I don't think "education" is limited to a brick and mortar school. Growing photographers can educate themselves on different lenses and other photography terms I know nothing about. New and expecting mothers can educate themselves on how to care for their children and how to keep their mind and body healthy as they go through so many changes in such a short time. Quilters can educate themselves on new patterns and styles. Cooking, technology, animals, gardening, fitness - whatever it is, we can become more educated.
For some, this might sound silly. Why do you have to justify going back to school? It might sound silly to others for a different reason. Why are you not starting a family? For me, it's a great fit in this time of my life and I can't wait to start!


tumbleweave lane.

I know I haven't posted in a long time. Life has been crazy with school starting and biggest of all - we moved. We've been wanting more space and a yard for Ellie, and the apartment wasn't quite cutting it.

To make a long story short, our budget wouldn't allow for a gated community with lawn service. Really, our budget wouldn't allow for a neighborhood that's ever heard of the HOA. We live in a renter's neighborhood. It's a colorful neighborhood with a variety of sights to see… a wide variety.

I've had a hard time with this move, because I'm a snob that likes crown molding and nicely trimmed lawns. I was hesitant to sign the lease, but felt a big spiritual confirmation that this was the right place for us. That didn't keep me from crying on Monday when I was left home alone. I took Ellie on a walk and, to my dismay, the walk resulted in tears. I told Parker about my disappointment and he replied, "The neighborhood's not that bad."On Tuesday, Parker took Ellie on a walk and toured the neighborhood. He got the picture. It's ghetto. The best part of his walk were the chunks of weave that were blowing in the wind along the street. This was my inspiration for the name "Tumbleweave Lane". Tumblweave Lane is going to be our home for the next three years. I've decided to make the most of it and document some of the fun finds that I come across. Todays topic:

The Top 10 Must Haves To Live On Tumbleweave Lane

1. Anything that a normal neighborhood would do in their backyard, do it in your front yard.
2. Rather than purchase curtains, put tin foil in your windows to block out the sun. Only half way, though. Secure with duct tape.
3. Never mow your lawn.
4. Attempt to park as many cars in your driveway as possible.
5. Own an iPhone. Never go to work.
6. Keep your dog on the front porch without a leash. Put "Beware of Dog" sign in your front lawn.
7. What child needs a curfew? Make sure your kids are walking around half naked after 9 pm.
8. If you have extra trash in your car, find the closest field, curb, yard, or empty space and place it there for safe keeping.
9. Hang wind chimes outside your patio; maybe hang three - or five. 
10. Chain smoking on your porch is a must.

Unfortunately, the fact we don't smoke won't allow us to hit number 10. Luckily, Ikea has seeped its way into our home and I've done some simple, affordable, incredibly effective changes. Pictures to come.

From Tumbleweave Lane - signing off.